It Started With An Idea

In 2013, Josh Teis and a few of his staff were driving in a car on their way to a conference when a conversation began about the ministry and fresh ideas. They thought how cool would it be for us to get some of our pastor friends to come to Las Vegas and sit around in a casual, no agenda environment and discuss the best ideas they implemented in their churches that year. A few months later, the first “Idea Day” took place with about 30 church leaders in attendance. 




The value of Idea Day is not just in the ideas shared, but in the environments in which they are shared. Idea Day has no hidden or personal agendas. We simply want church leaders to receive and share ideas in an open and nonjudgmental enviroment


We are passionate about helping church leaders. The Idea Day Network and events are designed to give you practical ideas that will create growth in your ministry. So many church leaders have been able to do more in less time because of the advantage of Idea Day.


The Idea Day Team is passionate about giving church leaders free resources for their ministry and leadership development. Many of these resources are available at our events. 


Idea Day is rapidly growing beyond just one day events into a growing network of collaboration, coaching, and content. Church leaders can receive great resources and connect with other church leaders.